Full Moon Integrative Therapies

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Sound Therapy

I am certified in sound therapy and healing through Serenity Tibet™ as developed by my teacher Suren Shrestha, from Nepal.  

During a session, singing bowls, tuned to specific musical pitches, are played in specific intervals to quiet the mind and body, and evoke a deep state of calm and relaxation.  Lying on a platform, the vibration of the sounds surround the individual and guide her into a sound "bath," where states of deep relaxation, release, and healing are possible--retraining the brain out of habitual negative patterns that deplete energy (hyper arousal, complex PTSD, to name a few).  The bowls are often used directly on the body, filled with warm water to help dispell neuro-muscular and lymphatic blockages.  

My teacher has also generously handed down specific protocols used by the monks in his village, for energetic healing, for the clearing of the chakras, or energy centers, as well as protocols for helping with anxiety, depression, and other conditions--based on ancient healing traditions.  A "sound bath" is an opportunity for individuals to bring to it their own goals, intentions, and can be a profound ritual experience of emotional healing and release.

While many report profound feelings, this work is also all about creating a stronger, better brain!  It is a neurological, kinesthetic, and auditory (workout!) experience which activates and tonifies the vagus nerve re-training yourself to let go of hyper-vigilance, the limbic brain stuck in "fight or flight."  

Repeated sessions help to strengthen and encourage the nervous system to recalibrate and find "neutral," carving new neural pathways of calm, de-escalation, and creating ease of action in your daily life.  

This is an excellent treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, body-image issues, injury, trauma, physical, sexual, or psychological.  It is also wonderful for anyone who does not feel comfortable talking, or prefers somatic assistance.

Utilizing sound waves and gentle vibrations of the facia have helped improve my own health and well-being and have been highly effective for others with whom I have worked.  This includes individuals with a variety of conditions, including TBI, Parkinson's, stroke, MS, and CP.  

This work is useful for young and old, healthy and injured, to heal what Jung calls "the somatic unconscious," or subtle body.

Additional audio recordings, vocalization, or chanting, may also be included.


Wellness, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Coaching

I am certified as a wellness counselor through the Healthy for Life™ program designed by Dr. Ray Strand, MD.  This is a simple, free, self-guided accountability program that helps you change, meet, and exceed your eating, nutrition, and exercise goals. I am here to be your coach, help you stay accountable, and meet those goals.

As a 3x cancer survivor myself, I know first hand what a journey through serious illness and recovery feels like.  I credit my survival and recovery, in part, to the principles of low-glycemic eating, activity, and optimal nutrition for over two decades, as developed by virologist and nutritional scientist, Dr. Myron Wentz along with the science team from Usana Health Sciences. I am proud to represent their fine work.

(see www.mywellnessmatters.usana.com)

From Dr. Miguel Lanzagorta, MD, Donna Eden, and others, I have learned and put into practice many self-healing exercises and habits of energy medicine that I would love to share with you in your journey toward healing and recovery.  I also utilize a variety of yoga-based principles, such as pranayamamudra, and puja practices, many of which directly and immediately help to bring about parasympathetic response in the nervous system, and are life-enhancing tools for self-care. 


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