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Mind, Soul, & Spirit

Counseling & Jungian Analysis

Getting to know yourself through counseling and Jungian psychotherapy can be life-saving.  Therapy is a gift you give yourself and those you love.  Create the life you love and learn a radical self-acceptance.  Jung says, we are not just brain chemistry, or some diagnosis. "We are not only of this age, but we are of an immense age...."

A Jungian analysis is a journey of Self discovery--getting to know the nature of your own inner life.  We have spiritual integrity only when we are fulfilling our own unique purpose.  Heal the trauma of the past and free yourself from the pain, or uncertainty of the present.  

Become a student of your own psyche by developing a solid relationship to your dreams. Discover what the unconscious psyche has to teach you, and listen as it comments on your past, your relationships, your career, your process of aging, and the quest to live a meaningful life. 


Body, Brain, & Nervous System

"The body has to be convinced that there's safety in the world."  --Stephen Porges

Functional Integration™

In a session of Functional Integration™ (FI™) I gently guide you in movement lessons, using gentle, non-invasive touch as the primary means of communication.  This touch reflects back (like "bio-feedback" from a real person!) to your brain and nervous system, giving you feedback on how you are currently organizing your body and actions, below the level of ordinary awareness. Memory, emotion, trauma, illness, all are a part of how the body keeps the score of what you have been through. Through the genius of the Feldenkrais Method™ you can learn to release old patterns, change your own brain chemistry, and find comfort, curiosity, and a more positive relationship to embodiment. We Feldenkrais Practitioners™ have been doing "applied polyvagal therapy" with people for decades.


Awareness Through Movement™

As the central practice of the Feldenkrais Method™, Awareness Through Movement™ (ATM™), refers to the group classes taught by practitioners using voice guided instruction, rather than direct touch.  These can be 30-90 minutes, and may be on the floor or sitting.  Awareness Through Movement™ also refers to the library of over a thousand "lessons" that Dr. Feldenkrais developed, refined, and taught to scores of patients and students.  Similar to Tai Chi or gentle yoga, ATM classes use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibity, and holistic integration of body and mind. Unique to the Feldenkrais Method™, these lessons tie directly into functional movement of daily life, such as walking efficiently, safely lifting objects, improving posture, managing illness and aging, improving the skills of self and co-regulation, increasing neuroception, and assisting in recovery from neurological pain & trauma.


Sound Therapy

I am trained in sound therapy and healing through Serenity Tibet™, as developed by my teacher Suren Shrestha, from Nepal.  Suren has passed down ancient healing protocols from Tibetan monks in his village, using musical intervals, and overtones, along with sound vibration directly on the body to achieve transcendent states of calm and healing.  Most people experience a state of deep relaxation and a quiet rebalancing of the mind and nervous system.  Individuals set their own intentions for this work.


Wellness, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Coaching

I am certified as a wellness counselor through the Healthy for Life™ program designed by Dr. Ray Strand, MD.  This is a simple, daily, self-guided accountability program that helps you change, meet, and exceed your eating, nutrition, and exercise goals.  I am here as your coach to help you meet those goals and stay motivated, accountable, and on track. To this end, I have been an independent associate with Usana Health Sciences for nearly 20 years. I am proud and excited to share the science behind these exceptional products with you. (www.mywellnessmatters.usana.com)


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