KYLE LEE WILLIAMS, Jungian Analyst, Licensed Mental Health Counselor  

Psychotherapy for Individuals

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Lectures and Publications

  • I have lectured and taught widely, C. G. Jung Societies in the U.S. and Canada, and the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS)
  • My poetry and scholarly essays have been published in Lapis Magazine, Psychological Perspectives, and elsewhere.
  • I am the author of three volumes:  
    • Cycles of Belonging: Essays in the Experience of Analytical Psychology
    • Jungian Psychology & Eastern Religions
    • Dreams & Projection Phenomena: Everyday Psychodynamics in Mental Health Counseling

About Me

I am an IAAP Analytical Psychologist and Board Certified Clinical Counselor. I have additional certifications in the treatment of trauma and the supervision of new counselors working toward full licensure. I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerTM  with expertise in the use of sound and movement therapies, integrating the body and neuroplasticity into psychotherapy.


Education & Professional Experience

  • BA in Religion from Hunter College
  • MAs in Counseling from Seattle University and Liberal Arts from the State University of New York, Albany

My theoretical foundation is analytical psychology based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer in psychotherapy, C.G. Jung. 

I currently serve on the Board of the Washington Mental Health Counselor's Association and am a member Analyst with the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California.


  • PhD level studies in Eastern Religions, (ABD) University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Adjunct Professor of Religion, Hunter College, Marymount Loyola, (New York City) and Antioch University, (Seattle).
  • Oncology Counselor, Gilda's Club, (Seattle)
  • Geriatric Counselor, Residential Facilities (Seattle)

My office is located in downtown Spokane, WA.

Therapy is a practice of gaining self-knowledge.  Jungian analysis is among the original forms of depth psychotherapy which has at its core, the goal of healing and growing the personality, supporting, and in some cases curing, a variety of emotional and mental conditions without the use of psychopharmaceuticals.  Rather, we seek to actively engage both the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the psyche to build a bridge toward greater wholeness, creativity, and meaning, what Jung called, the process of individuation.   
I practice psychotherapy with individuals seeking treatment in the areas of anxiety, depression, relationships, mid-life crisis, grief and loss, and recovery from traumatic experiences.  Psychodynamic therapy includes working with the symbols and archetypal images from the unconscious found in our dreams and fantasies, and in the world's religions and sacred traditions, as well as in everyday life, the arts, and pop culture.  These images arise from the deepest dimensions of the individual and are a powerful vehicle for life long maturation and transformation of the personality.

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