Jungian Analyst, Counselor, Feldenkrais Practitioner™

The psyche is a self-regulating system, just as the body is....  Were it not for the directedness of the conscious function, the counteracting influences of the unconscious may set in unhindered..... To this extent the psyche of civilized humans is no longer a self-regulating system but could rather be compared to a machine whose speed regulation is so insensitive that it can continue to function to the point of self-injury, while on the other hand it is subject to the arbitrary manipulations of a one-sided will.                                                                                                       ---C G Jung

... that which has been learned has become habitual and autonomic to the point of complete loss of awareness.  Repressed is not unconscious yet is unrecognizable.  The proper way to learn to do things is to learn how to learn first. Intelligence is a way of functioning, and nothing else.

                                              --Moshe Feldenkrais




Welcome to Full Moon Integrative Therapies 

I am currently working via telehealth, as a psychotherapist with individuals interested in undergoing a Jungian analysis, residing in the state of Washington.  I will soon be expanding my offerings as a counselor and Jungian Analyst for patients in Washington DC, Southern Maryland, and Virginia.      
I see patients in person, in the Washington DC and Southern Maryland area, as a Feldenkrais Practitioner™ for therapeutic interventions such as Functional Integration™, Awareness Through Movement™, and Sound Therapy.  In this capacity, I work with people using sound, touch, and movement techniques, as therapeutic portals to achieve overall wellness, body, mind, and soul.





What can Integrative Therapies do for me?

These techniques assist in integrating the body and awareness into everyday life.  They assist in achieving personal mastery over pain, and they retrain the nervous system after emotional trauma, physical trauma, TBI and spectrum disorders.  They assist people adjusting to disabilities, neurological illness, such as MS, stroke, and Parkinson's, and assist in improving overall function.  Dancers, athletes, infants to the elderly--simply put--many conditions, physical or psychological, in people of any age, may benefit from these applied therapies.
The Feldenkrais Method has some connections to Alexander Technique but pre-dates (with wider application), many recent, off-shoot, or related techniques such as Somatic Experiencing, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing therapy (EMDR), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and applied polyvagal techniques.  
The unique benefits of Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement include integrating the skills of neuroception and co-regulation from the inside out.   
Patients learn to recognize the constantly arising interplay between perception, attention, action, sensation, emotions, and instinct.  Through engaging with the spontaneous expressions of the unconscious, mental and physical, psyche and soma, the patient discovers new possibilities for transformation and adaptation.
True maturation and healing does not lie in the application or administration of techniques.  It comes from within, developing nature's own intelligence in every unique human being.  It comes from the natural capacities alive in body, soul, and evidenced in creative Self expression and the recognition of possibility.

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